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Yudi Marton


I, Yudi (Yehuda) Marton, am one of the first Israeli computer artist (since 1982) and I have worked at Intel Israel (74) Design Center for more then 30 years (since 1977), and today, after retiring, after becoming the most veteran employee of Intel in Israel, from my job as a senior CAD engineer, I have become a formal artist after many years dealing with arts only as a hobby.


I have staged several exhibitions of my computer art in Israel, in the USA, at Hearst Gallery, about 15 year ago, in a worldwide competition of computerized art, at which I have won the third prize, and in Slovakia/Bratislava at a worldwide multimedia convention, about 10 years ago, to which I was sent as a delegate by Intel Israel.


Lately, at the last two years (2007-2008), I have staged one private drawing exhibition, and 4 group exhibitions, mainly of copper etching prints.


My art is a humorous cubistic grotesque. Its lines and textures are sophisticated, complex and contrasting.

My art springs from the freedom and intuitiveness of my mind although it is influenced by Mexican and Spanish approaches. During the years, I have applied my abilities in many art media - wood, clay and soft stone sculptors, oil and acrylic painting, illustrations and generated computerized art.


Since 2007 I have started experimenting with illustrations, using Montblanc ballpoint pens, which I recently found as the best way of expressing my art vision, also I’m generating prints using "Copper Etching" printout.


I’m dealing also with industry soft stone - creating reliefs and big sculpters, I call this kind of art - "stone drawing" as I’m expressing myself with the sculptor the same as working with the pen on the paper..





One man Exhibitions:




Multiple Media Delight, Zaritzky Artist House,Tel-Aviv




The Pen Period, Galerina, Bat-Shlomo




Group Exhibitions:




The Pen Period, Pinski House, Haifa




Local Scratches 2008, Jerusalem House of Quality,





Pozitive Negative, Galerina, Bat-Shlomo




Art Print Exhibition, New Name,

Zaritzky Artist House,Tel-Aviv




Le Liver des Artistes, La Gazette des Arts,

Asia House Tel-Aviv




HAIFA AREA - held 10 exhibitions of "Plastic 2000 & Plastic 2003" - 20 high resolution pictures of computerized art using mostly Photoshop




Group exhibition - at Slovakia/Bratislava at a worldwide multimedia convention




group exhibition ? at Hearst Gallery New York - worldwide competition of computerized art - won third prize




Yudi (Yehuda) Marton




 04-8345126 ; 052-3355975







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