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Haya Weisshaus



I was born in Poland, 1945. Moved to Israel in 1949 and since then I live near Haifa. I graduated Chemisty (1968) and achieved my M.Sc degree (1989) in Materials Engineering at the Technion, Haifa. My education and activity in this profession went side by side with my artistic activity. I'm married, mother of 2 children and grandmother of 5 grandchildren. I'm a member of the Israel Painters & Sculptors Association of Haifa and the north and of IAPMA – The worldwide paper artists' organization.


Art education and art activity

Sketching and drawing training (1965); Hot enamel painting on metal tails (1978 to 1991); Photography, activity in the Haifa area club (1992-2000/2008); Engraving and etching in Cabri printing workshop, directed by Ofra Raif (1999/2000); Lithography, Collagraphy, lino and other printing methods, Paper making from natural fibers, recycled paper forming, in Ain Hod Lithography workshop, directed by Ora Lahav-Shealtiel (2000-2004); Workshops in sketching and watercolor at Haifa Museum arts center directed by Noam Rabinovitch (2006) ; Acryl and watercolor at "Oranim" college, Quiryat Tivon, directed by Danny Zak (2006/7); Silk print and transfer methods in Tel Aviv Museum arts center directed by David Hadar (2007/8).

I'm working at "Oranim" college, Ain Hod Lithography workshop, and at Rina Ring's open workshop in Alonim artists Center, Kiryat Motzkin, with 3 different artists groups.





One man Exhibitions:




 "Ain Afeq – a place in time", photography, at Ain Afeq nature reservation, near Kiryat Bialik.




 "The ecology of the brain stem", prints, The Israel Painters & Sculptors Association, Chagall house, Haifa.




"Failure Analysis", The Israel Painters & Sculptors Association, Chagall house, Haifa. CuratorZohar Trifon. Prints Exhibition (Engraving, etching, Lithography, Linocuts, monotypes). CatalogueHaya Weisshaus, Zohar Trifon.




  “A window to dreams”, Beit Katz, the cultural center, Quiryat - Bialik. Hot enameling paints on copper.




Over 30 Group Exhibitions in Israel and abroad, selected ones:




 "Reserved for man to preserve a spring", paper art extended exhibition at "IBDAA" gallery, Kfar Yasif.




 "Positive Negative", engravings, "Galerina", coffee shop gallery, Bat Shlomo.




 "Southern breeze", Paper Art International Exhibition, Kaye College Art gallery, Beer Sheva. (Catalogue published).




 "A woman from the legends", Beit Asia, Tel Aviv. (Catalogue published).




 "Four angles – one workshop", 4 artists' show of engravings, The French Cultural Center, The French Carmel, Haifa.




 Naestead International Exhibition of Mini Square Prints, Denemark. (Internet permanent exhibition www.grafisk-kunst.dk and a catalogue published).




Fourth international biannial of mini prints – Tetovo, Macedonia. (A catalogue published).




"Hand in hand", A Jewish-Arabic National exhibition, The Israel Painters & Sculptors Association Haifa & the northern District artists, Chagall house, Haifa. (A catalogue published).




 "Blessed – who had made me a woman", International paper works exhibition, Bet Ariela, Tel Aviv. (A catalogue published).




 "I spread a mat…", Simgallery, a gallery for fibers, Mgadim, The carmel beach. (Catalogue published). Extended exhibition (under the same title), at "The design gallery", Hankin campus, Houlon.




 "Printing", ICU organization, The Kreiger arts center, Haifa.






"Reserved for man to preserve a spring"; "Water"; "The grass song"; "Even a bird found a nest…"; “Wishes"; “A Watermill in the reservation”; 6 Israeli paper artists group exhibitions in Ain Afek Reservation. (A catalogue published on each exhibition).






Haya S. Weisshaus:




10A Hadkalim Street, Kiryat Bialik 27043, ISRAEL




972-4-8714194; Cell: 972-(0)54-6322418




ilan_we@zahav.net.il,   wilan48@gmail.com,



Web site




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